Best Shock Collar for Pitbulls- Ear Cropping in Pitbull

Each ear crop surgery is not performed the same and some breeds may have different types of trimming standards than others. The following will provide the standard for pit bull ear crop styles: Pit Bull – 3/5 of ear left. Ear crop surgery requires a skilled veterinarian and an owner who is absolutely sure that this procedure is right for their pet. There are several types of ear crop styles to choose from. Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls

Battle Crop – This is the shortest type of ear crop available. However, this cut is so low that is does not provide much protection to the ear from insects and debris.
Short Crop – This is a little longer than the battle crop. The short crop leaves about 2/3 of the original ear left.
Show Crop – This is one of the most requires ear crops used with pit bulls. This medium crop gives the pit bull an alert appearance and ¾ of the ear is left.
Long Crop – This is the longest ear crop available. This leaves about ¾ of the original ear length on the ear.

Ear cropping surgery is performed at about 12 weeks of age. While the surgery can be done at a later age, the chance of success greatly decreases as the pit bull ages. Owners should know that even done at 12 weeks of age, there is no guarantee that the pit bulls’ ears wills stand erect after the surgery. Whether the ears stand or flop will depend solely on the strength of the ear cartilage.

Many ears will fail to stand due to poor after-care. Scarring of the ears can leave the pit bull with undesirable effects. After the surgery, the pit bull will have its ears taped to a foam block or aluminium can to keep the ears erect. The veterinarian should tape the ears as taping too tight can cut off circulation. Potential complications of ear crop surgery is the failure of one or both ears to stand, dermatitis, irritation of the skin, ear infection, immune suppression, or scarring.



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